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Radio Show Struggle

The other night I was on a local radio show live in studio in Montreal, Canada with Dr Laurie and two other brilliant women. It was a late night show, on a cool fall evening in November.

As we sat down to chat. I had this feeling of inferiority come over me. I remember thinking to myself, "I am surrounded by brilliant women. They are so smart, so talented, what am I doing here?!"

"How am I going to be able to match their wit, shine and articulation?"

To be honest, even after fifteen plus years in Canada, I speak English like a non native speaker. (I was born and raised in India and moved to Canada in my early twenties).

Most of the time, I struggle to express my ideas. It’s a real challenge, and then to add the pressure of live radio...self-doubt, the company of women who were so quick with their answers gave me a major inferiority complex.

I had so many doubts. I felt shy, and even unsure of myself. It was almost like a panic attack.

I had to stop this negative self-talk and remind myself that I am Sexy Brilliant. All that I need to share tonight on the radio is already within me.

I got myself back to the now and gave it my 100% and said to myself:

  • I can’t compare myself to other women. We are all stars in our own way.

  • I must be authentic and for me that is to be the same person on screen and at home. Just Be. It will be OK.

  • Even if I mess up on live radio, I will recover quickly.

The next time you doubt yourself and your brilliance, please stop the tape playing your own insecurities in your mind.

Remember we are enough. We are always good enough.

Here is the link to the radio show Nov 15th 2017 on CJAD800 Montreal, Canada



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