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The Art of Taking Selfies: 7 Key Guidelines!

Hey folks!

Do you remember what year you got your first phone that had the capability of taking pictures? It couldn’t have been earlier than the year 2003? Right?

Let’s face it, the internet and the cell phone is a relatively new gadget. As someone growing up in a time where the Internet was just a mere concept and taking a selfie had not yet gained popularity, what could can an old woman possibly know about taking selfies?

Well, I know quite a bit, and apparently a lot more than some that responded to my recent question about it on social media:

“Do you take selfies? Why or Why not?”

I received many responses:

Some read: “I don’t know how to take selfies.”

Others read: “Its egoistic and silly to take selfies.”

Very few said: “They enjoyed taking selfies.”

After reading some of the responses, I decided to write and share my thoughts about the art of taking selfies. Maybe, I will share how my personal selfie taking phenomena started at a later date. Maybe ;)

Personally, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with taking selfies, although when I struggled with low self-esteem I used to think that it was egoistic, immature and narcissistic to take selfies but that is for a future post.

In fact, I no longer believe that it is a sign of narcissism or immaturity. On the contrary, I believe that selfies are an expression of ourself and can aid an individual with self-love, self-awareness and confidence.

Still unsure? Still doubtful?

Think about it. Taking a selfie is like looking in the mirror, but in a hand held device, a portable device that most of us are addicted to and carry around at all times. The advancement in technology has made it easy for us to use our mobiles.

Often, we witness the younger generation taking selfies and the social media feed reflects the ever-changing phenomena. So, Why not learn from the younger generation?

Taking a selfie is an ART and here are 7 key ideas about taking selfies (and taking a picture while eating is an art too lol):

1. It takes more than 1 attempt to take a selfie, don’t give up. Keep at it. Rule of thumb: 30 clicks = 1 good picture. (I know this because I definitely take many selfies and of course, I wouldn’t write about something I don’t do).

2. The basics of taking pictures are the same. Keep the light in the back of the camera.

3. Have fun with the angle of taking pictures. Only you know what you look like. And if you don’t like what you look like - change yourself.

4. Enjoy the process! Because that is all there is to it. Selfies can capture precious moments with our loved ones and can be a reflection of our happy and blissful place. Now I take selfies and post them online, and sometimes I post pictures of me taking selfies! LOL!

5. Keep the selfie talk positive. Be kind to yourself, especially if you struggle with low self-esteem and dislike looking at yourself. If you don’t love yourself then how would you teach others to love you? Remember, self-love is the DNA to happiness.

6. Caution: Keep yourself and your loved ones safe while taking selfies.

7. The key to taking a good selfie? Always look at the camera. This way, the selfie will capture your beautiful, Sexy Brilliant eyes.

Sometimes, taking a selfie is the validation that we need from our own self and validation can be a positive thing, it helps us build confidence, especially if we have gone through recent emotional or physical trauma.

Most importantly do not worry about others opinions about you taking selfies and posting them on social media, because people who don’t know how to dance with their egos will always find a way to discourage others. Do you! Live, Love, Laugh!

This is all about YOU!

Moral: Love yourself and don’t be ashamed of showing it! WORK IT!

Please share this post with someone who may need a little courage for self-love.



PS- if you are like me taking bathroom selfies don't forget to laugh while doing it! :-)Save

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