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The Power of Brand and Personal Authenticity

A story about brand and personal authenticity. We are all individuals, but we are also a brand, we market ourselves to clients, customers, employers, colleagues, and various networks. Many individuals are after success, and many are pursuing their passions and happier lifestyles. To do these things, you have conduct personal branding efforts. Here’s how two women are doing through authenticity.

Personal Authenticity – Found

Have you ever met someone and thought to yourself, “there’s a reason this person has come into my life”? Well, that is how Spring of 2017 was for me. I made some new friends during this period, some of whom I am sure I will have strong connections with for a lifetime. We all cross paths for particular reasons, we have something to learn from the people whom we engage. Devina Kaur of Sexy Brilliant is one of those people for me, so join me on this journey as I share our story.

One of these spring nights, I traveled to the beautiful city of Old Montreal with some of my closest friends. We happened to be celebrating LOVE! I was in the midst of wedding planning, and my amazing girls took me to Montreal for the weekend to celebrate! I’m fortunate to have some very marvelous and stunning women in my life.

Crossing Paths

First stop, a comedy club – LOVE Comedy – who doesn’t love to laugh? Do you sense a theme here? There is a lot of love and laughter to go around! While I had a pretty large group, I saw this beautiful lady sitting at a table, with a flower in her hair enjoying a night out on the town solo. First of all, I was intrigued by that and impressed that she dared to come out to a place where typically groups and couples hang out. Courage. That is what I thought – simply courage. She had an infectious laugh, and the room watched the show. The night went on, and following the show – I caught a look at the fantastic shoes she was wearing – as a reformed shoe addict – joking – I’m not reformed at all, I had to comment. So, we talked, and we talked about shoes, and we talked about who we were, why we were out, and I invited her to tag along with the group. She was gracious and joined us for a drink. Now, it was my bachelorette, so the details get a little fuzzy for me, but what I can tell you is that Devina has this sexy brilliance about her, and the infectious energy just seeps into those around her – that’s what I can tell you from my one time meeting her. I remember her saying to me that she was a single mom and was treating herself to a date night. What a thought?! Women do not do this enough for themselves! As a mom – who’d been a single mom before – I have a lot of respect for women who take care of their children and remember that they are still an individual that needs sex, love, compassion, adult conversation, and support. She also mentioned that she quit her job one day because she wanted to pursue something else. This action stuck with me – it’s something I did once to stay home for one year with my child, but I returned to the work world, and know that someday I will do it again, but to pursue my dreams.

Here we are, nine months later, and we follow each other on social media, spreading the love and joy of strong, opinionated, and empowered women – Sexy Brilliant women that is! We set examples for our children, families, friends, and followers that women can be sexy, brilliant, intelligent, carry-on with life, active and engaged with the world around us. Our paths have crossed and will forever shape the future.

In Pursuit

In pursuit of my own dreams, and thanks to some inspiration from women business owners around the world, like Devina, I launched Rachael’s Ink. My company is a social media and content marketing firm based in Vermont, USA, but sincerely hope that whatever I do helps others to succeed in their aspirations. While we might be smart and have intricate intelligence, everyone we meet has something we can learn, and we always have something to offer another. Sometimes that can be as simple as just listening with the intent to understand and have compassion.

Can’t we all just be social and inclusive, and lending some sexy brilliance to those around us?

As I reflect on my journey, and what I’m learning of Devina’s it occurs to me that our brands are also incredibly powerful, truth-seeking, and invigorating. When you watch or read Devina’s works, her brand and personal authenticity is evident. My goal is the same, and authenticity is a key component to my efforts.


  1. Be warm, be social!

  2. Be brilliant, be sexy!

  3. Be you, always you!

Find your Sexy Brilliant! Find your authenticity!

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