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Stand Up Speak Up

Radio Interview by Walt Grassl of

"Stand Up and Speak Up"

As I was browsing Facebook or Instagram, I don’t remember which, I saw Devina Kaur and her Sexy Brilliant brand. What the heck is Sexy Brilliant?

Her smiling photos and her philosophy of life led me to wonder … maybe she would be a good guest on my radio show, Stand Up & Speak Up.

As I followed her, what intrigued me the most … yes, more than the brilliant … more than the sexy … was her living an authentic, unapologetic life. Not caring what others think. I think this is so powerful and not living this way is a big source of fear for people. Fear of being judged. Stand Up & Speak Up is about facing your fears and living your dreams. That was enough of a hook for me to approach Devina about being a guest on the show.

I messaged Devina and scheduled a call. Her positive, happy personality sealed the deal. On May 25th, 2017, we had an hour-long live interview, which is now available as a podcast.

To read listen to the radio interview

or via iTunes

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