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TBT Full Time Dog Walker

Winter 2013

TBT to being a full-time dog walker

Not many of you know this, but when I was going through a dark period of my life, my instincts led me to quit my finance job to walk dogs for a living.

Being surrounded by pets has helped me heal and get over my depression.

Truly. You can read the whole story in my first book of the Sexy Brilliant series soon.

Through acknowledgement and acceptance of my sadness, I empowered myself to be free to be me. This means we are always there, just need to peel away the layers to reveal ourselves.

Frankly, it feels liberating to be free of my old self, the one struggling along.

Want to be free of the past stories and baggage, depression, hurt and past troubles? All you need are knowledge, awareness and acceptance of yourself in every situation for this is what is important to be a better you.

Fall 2014

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