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Guest Blog- Why We Must Never Quit

A quick refresher to keep us striving for the lives we want, to keep us motivated and on our path, so that everything we seek to make our lives brilliant is there for us when we are ready. If we try and fail, we lose. If we try again and fail, we lose again. If we try again taking into account what we learned that last time we lost, we may lose or we may win. If we keep trying, and keep applying what we learned from each loss, we will eventually succeed, and we win If we stop trying, we lose forever.

I have been coaching people in the area of dating and relationships for the better part of two decades now. I have seen people that were able to turn their lives around in as little as two weeks, and some have taken over 3 years to fully adapt to the changes necessary for us to live great lives. Everyone of us is on a journey, and it is a very personal journey. We must never compare ourselves to how fast or slow others are on their journey, even if they seem to be on the same journey as us. Sure in the short term, people that complete similar goals sooner get the results sooner and get the benefits of having completed the journey sooner, but that does not mean we should quit. It just means we have to keep going UNTIL we succeed.

No one will care if we arrive at our destination last week, in 3 months from now, or in three years from now. The only people that we need to answer to is ourselves, and we will get there, when we get there.

We must be willing to do the work necessary to have the love and life goals we desire. We need to stay away from people who discourage us from seeking our goals. We need to show real interest when pursuing a new goal, to let the world know we are serious about doing the work necessary to reach our goals. But quitting is NEVER an option.

When we refuse to try, no matter the reason, our own negative feelings, like resentment, will continue to build up inside us, and will affect us in ways we may not anticipate (like mistreating those we love because we struggle to cope with such negative emotions). There is a price we pay when we keep going for it. There is a price we pay when we quit. Either way, we are ALWAYS paying a price. The question is, what price are you going to pay?

If we quit and we stay were we are, the price we pay is we continue to have the same problems and misery that made us want to change things to begin with. If we keep going, the price we pay may be stepping out of our comfort zone, staying away from people that hurt us, risking being vulnerable, standing up for ourselves, expressing ourselves, and to do all these things before we feel like doing them. When it comes to the prices we pay, and contemplating to quit or not, we must remember that with each new choice we make there will be benefits and consequences.

There will be a consequence no matter what we do. There is ALWAYS a trade off. There is always a price.A price to pay if we keep going, and a price to pay if we quit. That is the way of life. Given that we are going to pay the price anyways, why quit? We will have to live with the full consequences of every decision we every decision we DO make and DON'T make. We are going to pay the price anyway. So keep going, and never quit!

About The Author: Frank Kermit is a Dating and Relationship Expert, who specializes in helping adult aged virgins find their first serious relationships, and teaches men and women about their Emotional Needs. Frank Kermit's website is

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