The Move Smart Women Make

Gone are the days of ambivalence and wondering how I should handle myself in business. As a result of years of deep, personal work, I know myself. I am an entrepreneur first and foremost – I am focused on mindfully conducting a successful business. I will never let anything get in the way of my ambitions and my desire for global empowerment from the inside out. This does not mean, however, that I make allowances for bad behaviour from potential workmates or from someone with whom I currently do business. No matter how much I want to work with them.

Devina Kaur at work
Smart Women Practice Boundaries

The truth is, we teach our colleagues how to treat us as women, but first we must be willing to be honest, to be open, and to know ourselves. Business relationships are no different than our personal relationships: because they are interconnected, what we are willing to accept in one area, we are likely to accept in the other as both are simply different facets of the same, beautiful person. The more authenticity we practice, the easier it is to shine in our own brilliance. Remember, no part of ourselves is our enemy. Boundaries empower us. They are the key to success. The following true story reveals how quickly these situations can unfold and require us to be our Sexy Brilliant best at a moment’s notice.