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80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February

As the calendar year draws to an end, and we ready ourselves for the New Year celebrations, something else also happens. We take stock. We make decisions designed to change our lives for the better. Some of the most popular goals we have according to Statista are to save money, lose weight, get fit, have more sex, buy a home, and quit smoking. According to Forbes magazine, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February.


For starters, deprivation does not work. We are not designed to go without; we are designed to live, to enjoy, to embrace the moment. The bigger reason for failure, (I like to call it a “set-back,” because there really are no “failures”) is this: we do not plan. We do not assess and re-adjust. Instead, we undertake change with a massive, sweeping approach. We also forget that when we take away one pleasure, we must replace it with something positive to distract us from what we are doing without, while forming a new and better habit.

It took me several years to move past and forward through what was holding me back from the success I now enjoy. My blocks included low self-esteem, a poor body image that led to bulimia, a failed marriage, depression, anxiety, as well as suicidal thoughts.

Eventually, it all aligned. From my despair, I picked myself up and changed my life. I founded the Sexy Brilliant global revolution, wrote the first book in the #SexyBrilliant series entitled Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious. I became possibly the first Indo-Canadian in a Hollywood reality series, and I am in the midst of negotiating my own tv show.


I spent time in massive personal development and confidence building. I learned valuable self-evaluation tools and fine-tuned skills that gave me the foundation for self-support. This is what had been missing previously! I had to invest in my own well-being in order to catapult myself on the trajectory of the success I now enjoy.

On December 8th, it will be my great pleasure to share with you the #SexyBrilliant trademarked process for making changes in life: the K.A.U.R.™️ process. This seasoned, tested approach provides the steps by which we can evaluate and motivate ourselves to work through our challenges. The end result will be the successful transitioning of challenges into blessings that reveal to us our life’s purpose. Please, join me by subscribing here - be among the first to receive an invitation to the offical launch of the the K.A.U.R.™️ process.

Thank you for reading. I value your visit IMMENSELY.

I hope this message is received in peace, gratitude, and mutual respect.

Chardi Kalla

(stay in high spirits)

Devina Kaur

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