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The Holidays Can Be Soooo Lonely ...

With the holidays upon us … surrounding us everywhere and filling all of our senses at every turn those of us who do not have family or special people to celebrate with, this can be a very sad time of year. It highlights our lone state and gives us the unwelcome gift of loneliness. Even those of us who are ordinarily happy with our own company are transported into a sense of longing for human connection.

For many years I lived in that dreaded holiday isolation. As my family lives overseas in India, and my daughter goes away to be with her father and his family. My friend’s kindly invite me to their celebrations but it is not the same. Other people’s family gatherings can serve to make me feel even lonelier as I look on filled with happiness for them, I find myself missing my daughter even more.

Even before the holidays I have felt anxiety taking hold causing me to brace myself for the impending seasonal isolation. As someone who is constantly checking in with myself, with my feelings and the causes both internal and external I learned to embrace the anxiety and the sadness; this gave way to me creating a plan to find a ways to fill my heart rather than just live with the feelings that no longer serve me.

I knew I needed to come up with a plan. I knew there had to be a better way … a way to stop suffering in holiday isolation. I found myself searching for opportunities to volunteer and for ways to treat myself to special moments … self care. Having always wanted a travel vacation I found a way to combine my wants with my need for human connection.

I know that not everyone can afford to travel. We do not have to travel to give and giving of ourselves and our time costs nothing … in fact it pays in the more priceless of ways. Connecting to people who are less fortunate … making them smile just by sharing a moment with them causes loneliness to fall away. Beyond that it reminds us that while life is never ideal we all have something to be grateful for which also replaces feelings of sadness and/or anxiety.

Please take a moment to enjoy my volunteer video to Guatemala. I hope it inspires you to find opportunities to give and connect. Since I have added this to my holiday season the barrage of festive reminders no longer fill me with dread … they remind me to make my plan to give back and have something #SexyBrilliant to look forward to.

No longer do I dread that age old question “Any big plans for the holidays?” because I do. And what can be in more keeping with the spirit of giving during the holiday season than helping others <3

Thank you for reading. I value your visit IMMENSELY.

I hope this message is received in peace, gratitude, and mutual respect.

Chardi Kalla

(stay in high spirits)

Devina Kaur

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