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SEXY BRILLIANT Top 20 Most Influential People For 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Earlier this year we asked our growing social media followers to nominate their most inspirational leaders in their communities for the Sexy Brilliant Top 20 list. On our LinkedIn post alone we received over 900 comments! Wow!

It was tough to choose the Top 20, and Team Devina K.A.U.R. took a considerable amount of time researching and conducting interviews with all of the star inspirators, before settling on the twenty listed below. So yes, we heard you, and our list is a tribute to everyone who has volunteered their precious time in helping us recognize these outstanding individuals for their leadership and the light they bring to our world.


Those who are new to Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution, WELCOME!

At Sexy Brilliant our social mission is to remove toxic shame and make personal development fun and ongoing. In a busy fast past world of high tech and constant fear of failure it is easy to find yourself in a downward spin of toxic shame and superficial goals. Our mission to recognize people from around the globe for their resilience and authentic leadership skills, proving that we are more than where we are born, our gender, the colour of our skin, religion, sexuality, size of our body etc.

We have identified the Top 20 voices that have been heard by the team at Sexy Brilliant and Team Devina Kaur, founder of the Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution. The luminaries on this list are Sexy Brilliantin different ways, and our goal is to showcase those who dare to lead with courage. You can read more about our Top 20 Sexy Brilliant stars of 2020 here:

20. Dr AJ Minai, Malaysia

Why We Love Him!

A talented story teller, he moves and connects us with brand marketing. In his resent blog post on MIA titled "Unleash Your Brand Online For The Right Reasons" We love the fact that he promotes the idea that people are at the core to any business.

19. Chitra Lele, United Kingdom

Why We Love Her!

She is ambitious, and openly talks about inner fitness as being a crucial part of personal success.

A prolific author Chita Lele received The Peace Maker Award' from the Peace Writers Organisation (USA) for her peace-driven writing.

18. Ahmad Imam, born in Egypt, raised in Australia

Why We Love Him!

It is an art to do real work while bringing joy and humour into it, without losing credibility. Ahmad is a Sexy Brilliant example of joyful creativity.

You may know him from

His career is as an Edutainer, Presenter, Speaker, Sales Training and he is on a mission to spread kindness.

17. Leza Klenk, Singapore

Why We Love Her!

Like so many of us she is multitasking her way through life, raising kids and running her own business.

Her candid honesty about the sacrifices she made early on in her career in order to have more security later. This is something that many career people can relate to. As a full time single mother Leza can teach us all a thing or 2 about building a home based business around the needs of our families.

16. Gary Vaynerchuck, Belarusian-American

Why We Love Him!

Not only is he a talented writer and motivational speaker who inspires so many. He talks about the importance of empathy in leadership. As Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution is dedicated to dispelling toxic shame and encouraging authentic dialogue for personal and societal change. We love that he preaches “Stop worrying about what other people think.”

15. Senamile Masango, South Africa

Why We Love Her!

She is one of South Africa’s very few black female nuclear physicists. She was part of a team at CERN, the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research. In 2014 she launched the Senamile Masango Foundation, which aims to empower African women to pursue studies and careers in the sciences and math.

14. Talal Al Murad, United Arab Emirate

Why We Love Him!

We find his humility honourable.

Among his many endeavors, he is an ambassador for the Peaceful Mind Foundation (PMF). This is a global organisation registered with the United Nations (U.N.) who's mission is to make psychology a household term, and encourage peace, well-being and culture.

Titles don't mean anything, Actions are everything. ~Talal Al Murad

13. Digital Pratik, India

Why We Love Him!

Learning is an incredible gift that we can give ourselves. Learning what we truly love is the best education. Digital Pratik is a 3 time college drop out but that did not stop him from learning, growing, and sharing his digital marketing hacks.

12. Sohaib Hasan, United Arab Emirates

Why We Love Him!

We love his definition of Sexy.

"If you are confident at what you do, confident how you look, and confident in presenting yourself as natural as possible; then you are sexy. ~ Sohaib Hasan

Sohaib is an expert for Job Seekers, personal branding and helps companies grow on Linkedin.

He is dedicated to empowering others by connecting youth to the work force and opportunities. Sohaib was honoured as “Most Successful Youth Influencer” by, Berkeley Middle East Investors Club.

11. Heather Monahen, United States

Why We Love Her!

Author of “Confidence Creator” takes us to the heart of a problem that plagues so many of us, SELF ESTEEM! In her blog titled “How To Deal With Haters Who Gonna’ Hate”

She pulls no punches and cuts right to the heart of why so many of us don't put our selves out there. Our need to not be criticized keeps us small and our ability to recognize and deal with haters can free us. That freedom is a big part of confidence.

10. Dev Gadhvi India

Why We Love Him!

He helps inspire people to build business around passion. All of us at Sexy Brilliant understand that part of being authentic is to discover your passion and GO FOR IT! LIVE IT!

Dev Ghadvi prides himself in being an Author, and Indian Influencer that has graced the stages of Tedx.

"No authenticity, no success. Period. We live in this world where everything is so transparent, only by being authentic we will be able to build the culture of equality, inclusiveness and respect." ~ Dev Ghadvi

9. Lisa Bilyeu, USA

Why We Love Her!

She succeeds because she is not afraid to fail.

Host of Women of Impact, President of Impact Theory

and co-founder of Quest Nutrition. Lisa puts her talents to work for the benefit of her viewers. Dedicated to learning and growing towards better health, relationships and balancing career.

8. Ron Malhotra, Australia

Why we love him!

Like many of us, he speaks candidly about feeling like an impostor. He talked about the need he had to feel important and that was what kept him in the rat rate. Chasing money and the appearance of success, to satisfy his ego and family's idea of success. The shift came when he decided to reinvent himself and to take his passion and start living it.

Spend your time with those who help you see you future, not those who want to keep you in the past. ~ Ron Malhorta

7. Caitlyn Jenner, USA

Why We Love Her!

Her very public gender transition opened the conversation about transgender issues. This courageous act made it a little safer for all trans people to live freely.

It is not easy being a celebrity especially coming from such a high profile family. Caitlyn has shown us that all families have there ups and downs to overcome an stardom does not protect you from it. She is a role model for embracing your authenticity.

6. Ed Mylett, USA

Why We Love Him!

There is no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you handle those imperfections. ~ Ed Mylett

We really liked his blog post 12 Ways to Master Your Calendar and manage your Time for Maximum Results. The no excuses style of Ed Mylett, reminds us that our success is on us and our ability to self-motivate.

5. Marnie Grundman, Canada

Why We Love Her!

We SEE her incredible strength and dedication to making invisible kids visible. Every year children go missing from foster care. Marnie herself is a survivor of childhood abuse and the system that lost her. She uses her voice and talent to raise awareness for children stuck in a system and in a society that marginalises their care, security and need for healing.

4. Daniel Euan Henderson, Scotland

Why We Love Him!

Besides his piercing blues and brilliant Scottish accent. Daniel speaks directly to women's fears and insecurities as well as sharing his own vulnerability and personal journey with his followers.

His videos are funny, endearing, and speak straight to the hearts of so many who struggle with self-doubt and feelings of not being good enough. You can find him on social media including PATREON.

3.Faye D'Souza, India

Why We Love Her!

For her bravery and dedication to reporting unbiased news in India. Her show is TRUTH BE TOLD. Telling the truth can be risky business, especially during times of political instability. We love her courage and integrity.

2. Aishe Ghosh, India

Why We Love Her!


President at Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union - JNUSU, Aishe Ghosh was a recent victim of hate violence at JNU. She has been outspoken about keeping housing cost and university fees affordable for students.

When the news of the attack reached us in Canada we watched in horror and prayed for all of the students at JNU who had be targeted and brutally attacked for their religious and political beliefs. This type of hate crime is never okay. We commend you for continuing to speak out even after your ordeal. This shows true bravery. WE WANT YOUR VOICE TO BE HEARD.

1. Ashaba Faridah, Uganda

Why We Love Her!

Because of her TEDx talk "Girls need reliable role models"

Ashaba believes in breaking stereotypes. September 2018, she became the Director of STEM Queens Uganda, an initiative that encourages young girls to participate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Empowering others is Sexy Brilliant!

Our top 20 list is a tribute to the people that in some way or form, influence TEAM DEVINA KAUR and keep inspiring us to be our authentic selves. At Sexy Brilliant we don't really believe in choosing just one person, because we know that each of us has a special, unique, spark that makes us SEXY BRILLIANT.





You made our list too.

We celebrate everyone who is challenging themselves to be 100% authentic. For making it happen in their own unique Sexy Brilliant way. We salute you for giving back to those who would like to follow in your footsteps. Having mentors is the first step to becoming a mentor. Let us celebrate each other in our unique journeys towards our own personal Sexy Brilliance.

At SEXY BRILLIANT our social mission is to remove toxic shame and create a better world with more peace and happiness by practising RADICAL self-acceptance. Check out our Sexy Brilliant Awards to nominate authentic and inspirational leaders for being Sexy Brilliant in their own way. Both nominees and those who nominate get a social media shout out as well as get their names automatically included for the SEXY BRILLIANT free shopping voucher at our online store.

Over the next few weeks, we will be running full interviews on our Top 20 influential people for the year 2020. Please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know more about your favourites from the inspirational people featured in the first ever SEXY BRILLIANT Top 20 list.

Much love always,

Devina Kaur and Team Devina



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