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CALLING ALL MEN! Do you like X-Rated books?

I always assumed that I was writing my book for everyone. It targeted every single person, men, women, young and old from all manner of backgrounds. So you can imagine my surprise when my marketing team told me that my book was mostly geared towards women and that my main purchasers would be women.

Granted I am TOO LOUD, TOO FAT, TOO AMBITIOUS, so maybe my taste is a little more in your face. I’ve invested a lot into this book and of course I want it to sell, so I will follow the advice of my marketing team. I simply just can’t get over the facts. More than 70% of my followers are men and I just don’t feel right leaving men out of the sales.

I wrote a book and I am challenging you to read it! The team at Sexy Brilliant™ have a few questions that only you guys can answer. As you know we are all about radical honesty and we have a truth bomb for you. The office is all a buzz with our upcoming book launch. We are becoming X-Rated and we like it! Too Fat, Too Loud, Too Ambitious, is my first book in the Sexy Brilliant™ series. It has taken years of writing, editing and creating the cover, not to mention perseverance.

It turns out that if a self-help book is written by a woman, only 17% of the people who will actually buy the book are men. However, if the self-help book is written by a man, the book can expect around 50% + of the sales to be attributed to men. WHAT GIVES!?

Let me put this another way. If a boy writer sells 100 books – 50 other boys will buy it and 50 girls will buy it. If the girl writer sells 100 books, 83 girls will buy it but only 17 boys. What am I not understanding?

So guys aren’t you curious to know what you’re missing out on?

Our statistics tell us that because I am a woman you will more than likely not buy my book. That’s too bad because I like to talk about sex and how each of the men I have met made me think and grow into a woman who celebrates SEX, my desire and my authentic self. Aren’t you curious to know how you measure up in the love department? Don’t guys want insight and growth to become better lovers to yourself and your partners?

I promise you that if you are brave enough to buy my book (regardless of the cover) and actually read it, you will learn that there is so much truth in it for BOTH men and women. I RESPECT and LOVE men, ORDER your copy find out why.

Sending love and light, Devina Kaur

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