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Dark Days & Finding New Light Energy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

You may have noticed that there have not been any new blogs for a while. The last few months the blogs have fallen silent as I have been trying to find my light.

The last 6 months have been hard on so many people for so many reasons and I am no different. I have been pushing Sexy Brilliant for a long time, not to mention my book titled Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious. In response to the pandemic I’ve been working on my show called ‘Dear Devina’ on the radio as well. My goals have been to keep being a light for people like me who struggle with issues like mental health and addiction.

I’ve gone through my own learning curves trying to decide what is worth worrying about and what I should let go of. One of the things I am going to let go of is trying to be the only voice at Now that we are officially a not for profit organisation, it is time that I let my team and you, the #SexyBrilliant community, share in being the voice of the organization and spreading its’ message. Yes, I am still here in the background, making sure that the message is clear, but now it is time for the world to hear from you too!

This blog is an invitation to all Sexy Brilliant friends to share your stories with us. The editing team is waiting to hear from you and how the Sexy Brilliant message has touched your life.

To get the ball rolling I want to introduce you to Sue, I am sure you have heard me mention her from time to time in my videos. She has been the SEXY BRILLIANT project manager for a while now and a personal friend for over 10 years. Here is what she has wanted to say for a while. Take it away Sue…

"First off I want to say to Devina;

You are an inspiration to so many not just those dealing with addiction, body and mental health issues. You have led the way by showing us that it is OK to be exactly who we are regardless of race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

It goes without saying that many of your followers are men and they appreciate your beauty and your brilliance. There is also a less vocal following of women who have been taught to be quiet and reserved. Many of these women are in awe of your personal drive and willingness to put it all out there for the world to judge. I am one of them and I respect you so much for it.

I see behind the scenes. I know how much time and effort goes into everything you do. I know that for every 500 compliments there is always that 1 judgement that seems to cut deeper than the rest. It is easy for the people commenting to forget that there is a real, kind, and gentle soul behind the online persona.

Yes you really are LOUD, FAT & AMBITIOUS but you are not TOO much!

Over the years I have seen you become stronger, more articulate and achieve bigger and bigger milestones. I believe you are capable of anything if you have a clear enough vision.

Let me tell you and the world how you and the Sexy Brilliant team have touched my life. I came to you at a time when I could barely think because I was exhausted from not being good enough. I was coming out of a very toxic relationship and every part of me wanted to hide from my feelings. I had reached a point where I hated to even look at myself in the mirror. I had years of self-abandonment that I did not want to take responsibility for. Still for some reason you hired me to work with you and gradually I started to change. With every blog I edited, every web page text I updated and with every chapter of your book I reviewed, your message started to sink in.

I’ll be the first to admit that in the beginning I judged you as being TOO self-centered, for being TOO outrageous with your goals and maybe even a little TOO arrogant at the idea that you wanted to start a global revolution.

I could not see then what I see now. I did not have self-love and I judged you the way I was taught to judge myself. I was trained to judge through years of social conditioning and reinforced by my own inner dialogue.

Since being involved with Sexy Brilliant my life has changed in a thousand different ways. I have gone from asking why I was never good enough to how and what is the best way to honour myself. I wake up everyday grateful for my life and my children and all of the abundance I've created since leaving my old life and beliefs behind.

The Sexy Brilliant message I want to share with your followers is this. It’s uncomfortable getting to really Know yourself. It’s empowering to Accept yourself as you are. It’s difficult to Unlearn negative thinking, and it’s scary and exhilarating to Release your authentic self into the world, not knowing how you will be received by others. Just the same having enough faith in yourself to receive, love and accept all parts of yourself.

Please join me in sharing Devina’s message of Sexy Brilliance as we move into being a true, Not For Profit organization. Our goal is to help all people to embrace radical self-acceptance and to share the love by practicing tolerance and celebrating diversity.

Have a Sexy Brilliant Day!” // Sue

Thank you for reading, please be sure to read chapter 1 of my first book Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious for FREE on our website.

Much love always,

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