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Depression is a Gift!

Many people believe that if a person has mental health issues they are unemployable, unstable, unlovable, and a burden on society! I completely disagree with this sentiment!

By age forty 50% of the population has been affected by a mental health issue.* It could be your father, your sister, your best friend, your co-worker, or the person sitting next to you on the bus. Mental health issues affect people from all walks of life. Far too many of these people suffer in silence. It is time to break the silence, and the stigma surrounding mental illness.

In June 2018 I was in bed crying my eyes out, struggling with what was possibly the biggest depression of my life. This was around the time that #KateSpade and #AnthonyBourdain committed suicide. It truly felt like there was some negative universal energy happening around that time!

Unexpectedly, a series of traumas hit me hard:

Failure: A business venture I was deeply invested in failed.

Heartbreak: My long term relationship ended when I least expected it to.

Death: My foster mom was given a terminal cancer diagnosis. The cancer progressed rapidly. She was gone in just a few short months.

The death was the hardest to deal with. This was one of the darkest periods of my life. However, it also turned out to be the most transformative.

From this tragic period in my life sprung a well of healing. Much of my restoration to health came from the cathartic process of journaling. I used much of what wrote as the framework for my up and coming book, the second in the Sexy Brilliant series.

Another thing that helped me greatly during this period was being aware of my emotions, lots of professional help from psychologists and coaches, and discussions with those I cherish.

The strongest contributing factor to my return to health and wellness was having a community. My friends, acquaintances, connections, and most importantly my chosen family - the Sexy Brilliant community - without your help, I would not be the person I am today. I will be grateful to the Sexy Brilliant community for the love that they have shown to me, and to the world. Keep shining!

It is vital that we use the dark moments in our lives to push ourselves forward to better ourselves. Although it never feels like it at the time darkness can be a gift. And remember emotions are never right or wrong, they simply exist!

For more details on why I believe that depression can be a gift enjoy this YouTube video I posted a few months ago:

Much love always, @TheDevinaKaur 💕🙏💕

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