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Ever Had a Bad Hair Day?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I know… it happens to all of us.

With the invention of smart phones and the rise of social media, we are instantly connected 24 hours a day whether we are feeling photogenic or not. No wonder so many images in magazines are retouched - everyone wants a flawless image. A bad hair day for some can feel catastrophic, add to that a bad manicure, a bad eyebrow day, an extra pound or a new wrinkle and our self-image is in real danger of falling into the abyss.

In a digital, visual world with photoshop at our fingertips we are losing touch with reality. It is a fact that no one looks or feels perfect all of the time. Some days are “fat” days, some days are “fabulous” days! Every day is a new opportunity to look deeper and love ourselves from the inside out. Our inner voice has power - we have the choice to focus our thoughts on our flaws or become mindful of all our unique gifts. It is so easy to be critical of the things we dislike about ourselves; we hold ourselves up against unrealistic standards of beauty. It can also be easy to speak to ourselves with the love and kindness that we deserve if we practice radical self-acceptance.

Every person wants to feel attractive, and I am no exception. I wear make-up, fix my hair with a beautiful flower (or 3), and say thank you when I look in the mirror at the polished me.

Growing up I was constantly being told I was “too fat, too loud, too ambitious” and unworthy of love. It has taken years of personal development, inner healing work, and self-discovery to embrace the divine, authentic me. All of me.

Devina Kaur wearing a red dress, wind blowing through her hair
Every person wants to feel attractive, and I am no exception.

The opinions of others caused me to look outside myself as I struggled with feeling unaccepted, unlovable, and different. I used online dating and developed an addiction to seeking out matches; the attention, excitement, and adventure temporarily distracted me but I soon realized that my dates could not fill the empty void where my own self-love was lacking.

I have tried to fill that empty space with food. I battled an eating disorder which resulted in much shame and isolation. I struggled with suicidal thoughts, I doubted myself and my worth, I believed that nobody would love me… until I came to know, accept, and love myself for who I truly am.

No one is born hating their bodies, we develop body consciousness issues through the messages we receive from our peers, our early care givers, and our society. It is also something we can overcome. It is through our less than perfect days that we can learn to know, accept, and love ourselves. It is through the “bad hair days,” that I learned to know, to accept, and to love myself.

It is through these experiences that I with the help of Team Devina have developed the K.A.U.R ™️ process to empower everyone to feel Sexy Brilliant.

The K.A.U.R. PROCESS™ Websinar Series And Books

(Know. Accept. Unveil. Release)

Take a journey with Devina and fast-track your way to Sexy Brilliance. Devina`s not preaching from the cheap seats. She has been there and done that! She will lovingly and with humour, help you to fall in love with the one person who matters most, YOU! This webinar series is 4 prerecorded online classes, so you can enjoy them at the best time for you.

We are all worthy of love - even on our worst, bad hair day!

Read the 1st chapter of Devina Kaur's book

Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious for FREE

Join the millions of people who are practicing radical self-acceptance TODAY.

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