Ever Had a Bad Hair Day?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I know… it happens to all of us.

With the invention of smart phones and the rise of social media, we are instantly connected 24 hours a day whether we are feeling photogenic or not. No wonder so many images in magazines are retouched - everyone wants a flawless image. A bad hair day for some can feel catastrophic, add to that a bad manicure, a bad eyebrow day, an extra pound or a new wrinkle and our self-image is in real danger of falling into the abyss.

In a digital, visual world with photoshop at our fingertips we are losing touch with reality. It is a fact that no one looks or feels perfect all of the time. Some days are “fat” days, some days are “fabulous” days! Every day is a new opportunity to look deeper and love ourselves from the inside out. Our inner voice has power - we have the choice to focus our thoughts on our flaws or become mindful of all our unique gifts. It is so easy to be critical of the things we dislike about ourselves; we hold ourselves up against unrealistic standards of beauty. It can also be easy to speak to ourselves with the love and kindness that we deserve if we practice radical self-acceptance.