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Happiness is our Birth Right

We are all born with the right to be happy, the right to feel good, the right to be loved. 

No matter where in the world we are born, no matter how we are born, no matter our religion, race or appearance we are ALL born with the right to be happy. 

Let that sink in. 

Simply put, we are ALL born with the #SexyBrilliant right to be. 

So what is “happy?”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment.

When we hear the term “happy,” many people relate it to a moment, rather than a state of being. I believe one of the reasons happiness gets misinterpreted is because we are commercially conditioned. Products are marketed to us as objects we need to in order to be happy.

Commercials target us by telling us what we need to be happy. “Drop a jeans size with ‘ZZ’ diet plan - losing weight will make you happy.” “Drive this car to be the center of attention” - translation outside attention will make you happy. “Wear this lipstick to meet your dream man “ … again outside validation will make you happy.

The idea that something outside of ourselves makes us “happy" is the very thing that keeps us from realizing a true state of happiness. Happiness comes from within. We are not born to buy products. We are born to love ourselves as we are, we are born to be happy. 

When I read the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition I am reminded of something that I live; until I learned how to embrace ALL of my feelings through the trademarked KAUR Process, I did not fully realize what happiness really meant. There was a time when #happy almost felt like pressure. If I had a bad day, a crying jag, or #suicidalthoughts I believed myself to not be happy; I felt that I was falling short of what society “sells” us happy is. Happiness is not a moment, it is a sustained way of being. We can experience #anger and sadness while living a contented life. 

So the next time you are frustrated, especially with the “first world” moments we are all faced with, like a flat tire or when technology issues slow you down, use it as a “practice” moment use #mindfulness and #perspective ... making a choice to be mindful instead of frustrated helps … choosing to focus on what is going right … I choose to laugh 100 times a day; that conscious and joy-filled action definitely helps. 

Mastering the small moments of irritation or #sadness helps us tackle the larger life problems because it is not the heaviness of the issue that sticks us, it is the way in which we carry the weight.  

The more we accept what we can not change the less resistance we fight against ... leading to joy. 

Please enjoy my tips on embracing happiness in the latest #sexy #brilliant #GlobalTv in Canada television appearance recognizing the United Nation's day of happiness which is celebrated internationally on the 20th of March every year. 

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