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How to Make Money Your New BFF!

Let’s face it - we all need money! It is not possible to survive as human beings in the modern world without money. While there is a lot of talk about how to make money and how to invest money, very little time is spent talking about the beliefs we have about money collectively and individually. Money is an energy, and spending money is exchanging energy. Many of our ideologies regarding money come from ideas, and even superstitions we have learned from family, friends, and other important figures in our lives. The transactional systems in which we participate, also affect and influence our relationship with money, and therefore, our lives, at the core level.

When was the last time you sat down and truly explored your beliefs on money? Have you ever not had enough money? Have you ever feared opening a bill? Consider the phrase, “Money is the root of all evil.” How did your early caretakers inform your beliefs? Are your thoughts on money closely linked to your ideas on life, love, yourself?

It is time for an update in your programming. The first step to changing our programming regards ownership of our current thoughts and beliefs. Next, is showing up. The work is done through living in the moment and being aware of how we change our habits, using the appropriate tools for each financial scenario. If we want life to be joyful in this modern life, self-management in all our affairs becomes imperative. We have to show up for ourselves.

In order to truly be confident, successful, and fulfilled individuals, we must unlearn the negative language surrounding money that some of us have absorbed from the world around us. Just as we evolve in our personal development, our financial status is one of the most basic needs we have in order to live in the world. We all benefit through a healthier relationship with money. We have to become friends with our finances. Regardless of past relationships with money, even if fear or lack affect our feelings about money, we must learn how to make money our new BFF!

Over the past several months, I have worked with business coach Marc Dumaine to develop an exclusive course designed to help us unlearn old beliefs about money and build new healthier beliefs. The course How to Make Money Your New BFF was designed using the K-A-U-R™️ method of self-discovery: Knowing, Accepting, Unveiling/Unlearning, and Releasing. How to Make Money Your New BFF will help guide you through your financial transformation.

This method of self-discovery has helped me practice radical acceptance of myself and others, and this gift of love affects all areas of our lives, including our finances. A good honest look at our income and expenditures must be combined with the idea of understanding the root of what we believe about our financial reality. How we relate to our current reality helps us create a clear picture to know where we are, and then plan where we want to go next. Through the Sexy Brilliant journey, I have learned there is an unlimited source of abundance and prosperity for all of us. Sexy Brilliant ™️ is here to help you learn the tools you need to find your abundance.

Enjoy the trailer for How to Make Money Your New BFF by watching the video below:

You can find the full series here!

Much love always,

Devina Kaur™️

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