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I am about to lose my $hit!

Have you ever wanted to JUST LOSE YOUR $HIT?

Wouldn't it feel so good in the moment to get everything off your chest that has been building up over time? Life can push us too far sometimes and losing our $hit is a way to push back and take back our control. It can be scary to lose control and in general, it turns people off as well as anyone else who is watching. Sadly, losing our $hit can alienate us from those we love.

When our emotions are high, we are most likely to make rash decisions, say terrible things, damage relationships, and find ourselves dealing with deeper problems. I know that many people would agree that this emotionally reactive behaviour should be avoided under most circumstances.

There is another side to our personal development that is often overlooked. Losing our $hit can liberate us through the K.A.U.R.™ process (R which stands for ‘Release’ that occurs), and we will be able to find better opportunities for growth if we have the courage to look at our personal truths. Usually behind our outbursts lies fear, possibly disguised as frustration, anger, sadness, or even loneliness. These outbursts show us our own raw emotions and apprehension of our needs not being acknowledged, respected, and ultimately, met. To admit our vulnerability (unmet needs) can make us feel somehow broken, unlovable, ashamed, lonely, angry, and we run the gauntlet of emotions…

It is pretty hard to function in our hectic world if we are in a constant state of emotional reactivity…so we repress, control and do everything we can to avoid LOSING OUR $HIT! That is until we just cannot hold it back any more. What follows is more shame, loneliness, sadness, and the cycle continues. Often, we hate ourselves for speaking our truth.

The other day, my daughter and I lost our $hit and directed it at each other. I yelled: “Don’t you ever speak to me like this again! Push me any further, and I will lose my $hit.” Those were my exact words. I calmly, but very firmly, spoke to my daughter after she was very rude to me in front of friends and family at a piercing shop where I had taken her to get her ears pierced.

It was one of those moments where I felt proud and excited and wanted to film this milestone in her life, but she was less than thrilled at having this undignified moment recorded. Her harsh tone of voice and comment to me was: “STOP! do you have to film everything? Can you not just be here in this moment?”

It takes courage to listen and feel through the hurt. We both learned something that day because we were brave enough to own our $hit and find a new respect for the other persons needs.

Do you struggle with your inner dialogue, staying centred and acting with integrity in moments of stress? Guess what, most of us do. Even the best of us need gentle reminders and tools to help us. At Sexy Brilliant we know that empowerment starts form the inside out, so we created empowerment cards as a daily reminder and a way to centre you inner voice. Get yours today at

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