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Stigma around mental health has lots of people believing that if a person has mental health issues they are unemployable, unstable, unlovable, and a burden on society! I completely disagree!

Did you know that by age 40 about 50% of people have been affected by a mental health issue.* It can happen to anybody. Mental health issues affect people from all walks of life. Far too many of us suffer in silence. It takes courage to break the silence, and address the stigma surrounding mental illness.

A few years back I was in bed crying my eyes out, struggling with what was possibly the biggest depression of my life. I wasn't alone in this struggle, around this time #KateSpade and #AnthonyBourdain committed suicide. It truly felt like there was some negative universal energy happening around that time!

It seemed like everything was falling apart all at once:

Failure: One of my business ventures that I had put a lot of energy into failed.

Heartbreak:I went through a breakup with someone that I really deeply cared about.

Death: I lost my foster mom to a very aggressive cancer. This hit me the hardest

With so much tragedy and pain in my heart, I was forced to go deep with in.

From this tragic period sprung a well of healing. Much of my restoration to health came from the process of journaling. I used what I wrote as the framework for my second book in the Sexy Brilliant series.

Being aware of my emotions, lots of professional help from psychologists and coaches helped me greatly during this period. My friends, acquaintances, connections, and most importantly my chosen family - the Sexy Brilliant community were the support I needed. without your help, I would not be the person I am today.

It is vital that we use the dark moments in our lives to push ourselves forward to better ourselves. Although it never feels like it at the time, darkness can be a gift. And remember emotions are never right or wrong, they simply exist! Light shines against darkness!

For more details on why I believe that depression can be a gift enjoy this YouTube video I posted a few months ago:

Much love always, @TheDevinaKaur 💕🙏💕

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