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Money Matters

“Does Your Feelings Towards Money Really Matter?”

For some, money matters more to them than it does to others. One thing is for sure, if you do not take care of your money matters, it will matter more to you than you want it too.

We all need money to navigate our way through the modern world. Have you ever wondered why for some money seems to come so easily while for others it is always a constant source of struggle and stress?

Our subconscious beliefs about money are so powerful- they determine our relationship with money. That's right, you have a relationship with money, and it is our attitude and beliefs that can have a positive or adverse affect on whether we live a life of abundance or perceive our life is full of lack.

How do we assess our relationship with money?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you married to money or just casually dating it? Lol

  • Do you respect money and all that is can do for you?

  • How healthy is your relationship with money?

  • Do you make space in your life for money?

  • Do you cherish it?

  • Do you love it?

These might seem like unusual questions, maybe they even make you feel a little greedy or guilty? We have been taught that over-valuing money or prioritising our desire for more money is selfish, but it is in our human nature to want whatever it is that we do not have. The more money we have, the more freedom we feel to achieve our financial goals and realise our dreams.

Money is an exchange of energy just like any other relationship. The point is we must know and we must be aware of our emotional relationship with money.

  • How healthy is your relationship could be translated to: Do you spend quality time understanding your financial goals and working towards them with relentless commitment?

  • Do you respect money could be translated to: Do you appreciate what goes into making money and the limits of what it can do for you by controlling your spending and possible debts?

  • Do you make space in your life for money could be translated to: Do you look for opportunities that could be financially beneficial such as work, projects, investments, real estate, crypto currency?

  • Do you cherish money could be translated to: Do you save for the future and emergencies?

  • Do you love it could be translated to: Do you spend it on things and experiences that add stability, quality, adventure, variety, and ultimately VALUE to your life?

My own personal relationship with money revolves around the solid knowledge that money is constantly flowing to me and I attract abundance and money. I am also willing to take risks and I have made many great returns on my investments and adventures.

I want to share with you everything I have learned about my attitude and beliefs towards a healthy relationship with money. Join me and the millions of people around the world who are connecting, networking, and sharing their success after discovering How To Make Money Their New Best Friend Forever!

How To Make Money Your New BFF is a course I have put together with the help of my own business coach Marc Dumaine and many other members of Team Devina because I believe everyone should have a Sexy Brilliant relationship with money!

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