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Self Acceptance Is A Turn On!

The number of #hatemessages I receive has gone up - a LOT! Whenever a woman becomes LOUD, empowered, or outspoken she is perceived as a threat, because a woman who knows, accepts, and loves herself is rather POWERFUL.

I received the following comment by email:

"You are fat, yet you are very sexy? If you are interested in performing live sex-cam shows I can help you make a lot of money." he said. I laughed, a LOT! This message was the highlight of my day; it actually helped me reach my goal of laughing 100 times a day. I almost wrote him a 'Thank you' note for the extra laughs.

I could have chosen to be offended. I could have allowed him to cloud my opinion of myself. It is in moments like these that we must remind ourselves that no one can make us feel anything we choose not to feel. No one has the power to make a person react.

We choose how we react; that is true power.  

No person should have to choose between their:

1. Sexual side.

2. Emotional side.

3. Ambitious side.

Or any other side, including their spiritual side.  

Choosing to laugh illustrates my power to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. It is about refusing to allow anyone outside of myself to affect me or my mood. Reacting negatively portrays the way we give up our own power by letting others convince us to measure ourselves by the labels that are placed upon us within society. So many people are used to being put in boxes; we lose ourselves when we allow this to happen. When we believe these labels as truth, it is easy to forget our own authenticity.   


When someone takes the time to share hurtful/hate-filled/obnoxious messages it is (sadly) a reflection of how they feel about themselves. Instead change your way of thinking. Use the trademarked K.A.U.R process and get to KNOW yourself and your inner divine being for the true state of perfection you already are, and then practice RADICAL self-acceptance.

Much love always,

Devina Kaur™️

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Thank you in advance!

Founder of SEXY BRILLIANT global revolution.

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