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Sexy Brilliant Light

BE A SEXY BRILLIANT LIGHT amongst the doom and gloom.

Anywhere we go in the world today, there is fear, scarcity, and death. However, there is also humanity, community and a brilliant light inside each of us. Now more than ever we need to shine bright.

We may have to dig a little bit deeper to find that light. Let me give you an example. I just read a story about a family of 5 that had died. They shared a last meal together and then each died alone, not aware that the others were also sick and dying. About 10 minutes later my son had a meltdown because he could not download a game he has been bugging me for that I eventually said yes to. He went on to download the game but an error occurred with the Google play store.

He started getting so frustrated and said that the Covid-19 virus is ruining his life and is to blame for everything! I laced in with my words after trying to reason with him and realizing that it did not work. I reminded him in no uncertain terms how privileged we are to have each other, our health and enough food and medicine to be safe for a while. He did not care. From his perspective the lack of stable internet is equivalent to the end of the world! While, from my point of view, I am terrified that my child with asthma will die if he catches this virus. We are both right and both wrong and at the moment both fragile.

We needed to take a step back and refocus on what is important. I went through my standard checklist:

Are we tired? YES!

Are we confused? YES!

Are we stressed, YES!

So after my quick check list I sent my son to his room to reflect and relax. I brought him an orange to peel and eat and after 20 minutes we talked. We re-centred and chose to move forward.

What is imperative to remember is that mental health affects all of us and this current reality is testing even the strongest of us. We have a choice, firstly, we can give in to fear or we can ignore it, neither of which is healthy. Secondly, we can face it, accept it and then educate ourselves, take reasonable precautions, and be aware of our mental state of mind.

If in this moment it feels like the end of the world and you are feeling vulnerable, reach out to someone who is feeling strong, watch a comedy, get creative, cook a good meal if you can, share a funny meme, do some exercise. Whatever you do, do not give up!

If you are feeling good, please share good feelings in any way you can. Tell a joke, write a funny song, run an errand for those who are vulnerable and at a high risk. Share messages of hope. Today if your light is shining bright, the world needs your brilliance. We never know when we might need someone else to help us in the future. Remember, whatever you do, do not break isolation!

At Sexy Brilliant we are going to do OUR VERY BEST to KEEP the BRILLIANCE SHINING.

For as long as we can we'll be sharing verified information, uplifting stories of hope, and solidarity for those in difficulty. Consider joining our Facebook group.

Sending love and light, Devina Kaur and Team Devina Kaur

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