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Top 3 Tips To Overcome A Virtual Breakup

There's an ongoing perception that virtual heartbreaks are not as “brutal” as what we would experience in the real world. Internet dating is fun and the opportunity to date online presents itself most especially during the time of a global pandemic. Yet it is an important decision when it comes to finding love. It’s not only about putting yourself out there which requires a lot of courage on its own but it’s also about meeting new people that you might be able to share long term relationships with. Just because the connection was made online doesn’t mean the virtual heartbreak is less severe than an offline heartbreak. Despite how we might have come to know the person, emotional intimacy existed and a break up of any form is difficult to deal with.

Romantic relationships can be fun and exhilarating because it feels amazing to love and be loved in return. But what do we do when we realise that they might not be the “one”? Will we find our feet again and most importantly how do we find the inspiration to love again?

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Here are my 3 top tips on how to overcome virtual heartbreak because we all need a bit of sexy brilliant comfort.

Your Pain is Justified

Cry, scream or punch a pillow, your pain is justified! Dealing with a heart break is not easy and dealing with the healing process alone is hard enough. We often feel stuck in a rut that we can’t get out of. We blame ourselves for being in that state and question ourselves about why we got into the relationship in the first place. We might even try to pin-point flaws about ourselves to compensate for the pain we are feeling. We’ve all been there including myself. Breakups can affect every aspect of our lives and depression can set in, that is why it is important to step back from the world and take a breather! Allow yourself to be in a position of vulnerability where nobody can judge you for the pain that you’re ALLOWED to feel. Watch a movie, get professional help, meditate and masturbate even at the same time. Do whatever is necessary and healthy for yourself to release the hurt you feel.

Know Yourself

To know yourself during the most painful period in your life is to go back to the roots of ‘self-love’. Maybe you enjoyed travelling or you were on the verge of taking on a new hobby until a virtual romance started to settle in your life. There is power to be found in singleness and it requires you to discover your own innate power and make it worthwhile. Heartbreak may seem like the end of the world but when you start to build on your own base, your support structure such as friends and family may be the only valuable love you need to feel to be yourself again. Take time to mourn while getting to know this new you!

The Journey to Self-Love

I have overcome addictions and heartbreaks on my journey and I struggled with self-acceptance. The journey of self-love is a bumpy road but I promise, each bump is worth the breakthrough you are about to experience. When you start to find yourself, nothing else matters because you’ve reached a level of self-awareness that is liberating and empowering. It’s no longer about who hurt you or who couldn’t love you the way you might have wanted. Rather you are able to give and receive love above and beyond romantic relationships. Perhaps the heartbreak proved that you are the sexy brilliant self you always have been. Remember the journey to more self-love is love itself!

Your inner divine being is your true state of perfection. Embrace the power of knowing yourself and express the vulnerabilities that come with this knowledge during a heartbreak that can be a painful experience. You are a gift to yourself and those who are graced with the opportunity to know you. Treat yourself as you would treat your best friend going through the same hurt, with self-compassion and kindness!

In Love & Gratitude

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