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What’s Your Blessing Reminder?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Devina Kaur on the beach sitting under a palm tree wearing a blue striped dress
The Power of Being Single - Devina Kaur

How i Found My Blessing Reminder.

There is always something to be grateful for in every moment of every day, but we are so distracted by life itself that it becomes easy to overlook what we are most thankful for while we are busy satisfying the demands of daily life.

You know when you get a cold and your nose gets stuffy and suddenly you appreciate the simple gift of being able to breathe clearly through your nose?

That’s a Blessing Reminder.

Sometimes it takes an unexpected change or an experience of discomfort to provide perspective and remind us to consciously count all of our many blessings. I share these thoughts with you because I have been reflecting on what I feel grateful for in my life.

I am always dreaming, goal setting, and giving 100% to my labour of love - Sexy Brilliant, so I began to review some of my past year’s videos. In doing so, I was blessed by many experiences I had not given much thought or attention to before. The videos document not just where I have been, but also my personal growth and accomplishments. One of the videos that touched me the most inspired me to think about my many blessings.

In January 2019, I went on a solo vacation (The Power of Being Single) and as I was soaking in the natural beauty of the ocean, I noticed an older couple holding hands and walking along the beach. For a split second I felt a longing for a partner, but that feeling quickly gave way to warmth and admiration. How lovely that this older couple was holding hands and very obviously still in love! I could feel their strong bond and they inspired me so much that I needed to capture their moment. I walked over and asked them if they would be willing to do an on-camera interview, and to my delight they said yes!

As the story of these two love birds unfolded, it warmed and broke my heart all at the same time. They were on vacation celebrating their 50th anniversary; they shared their “secret” to a long and loving marriage, they also shared with me their devastating loss of their only child. I cannot think of or even imagine any greater loss. This is their story:

As social media grows and impacts the way we compare ourselves to other people’s “picture perfect” lives, we are also becoming more aware that what we see on screen is not the complete story. When I looked wistfully at the couple holding hands all I saw was their love... and although that was an accurate picture, it was also an incomplete picture.

When we look outside of ourselves we must remember:

Giving admiration to others is beautiful and it serves to fill our hearts. BUT

Nobody’s life is perfect and we should not compare what we do or do not have to what we believe others have. AND

We must also remember to look at our own lives independently (without comparison) to the outside world. Finally, when we count our blessings we should count them consciously and count them daily, keeping our eyes, ears and hearts open for Blessing Reminders.

Much love always,

Devina Kaur™️



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