Whats Your Super Power?

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Is Covid teaching you all about your super powers? It sure is a humbling lesson in life!

And yes, we all have super powers, I have so many including making live videos on the fly & then uploading them as a blog post!!! Hahaha!

So this is a short clip from a live video I did on Instagram celebrating life, birth, and death! Please be sure to like, share & help us help others!

I know you will get many valuable tips while watching the video, including the correct pronunciation of the phrase Maritime Admiralty Law that I mispronounced.

NB- Sometimes I get stuck with my ADD brain, as I am not a native English speaker, I thank you for your patience but do read up on Maritime Admiralty Law.

Right now, none of us can deny the trauma Covid is creating on an individual level as well as at a global level, especially the scarcity that we see in & around us!

It's a bit overwhelming...isn't it?

However, better times are here especially as we enter the new Age of Aquarius, known as the Satya Yuga, a new awakening, a change in consciousness & this phenomena happens every 26,000 years and right now we have all chosen to be here on planet Earth!


What an exciting time to be alive!

We will be celebrating the official start of the Age of Aquarius on the 21st of December 2020. Please register for our event and invite your friends & family to be part of the new awakening!

Thanks and happy born day!


PS - you can read a chapter of my 1st book Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious for FREE on the book website!

You can also purchase a signed copy on our non profit foundations website as well as Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious, a spiritual self-help workbook based on the trademarked K.A.U.R. process is available on Amazon and all major bookstores!

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