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When Will The Coronavirus End?

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Will there be an end to Covid-19?”

That is the question that is on everyone’s mind.

As we continue to cope from the initial shock and the rapid spread of the global pandemic, we are left wondering “Is this our new reality?”

As many of you know, I am a full-time single mother, which means, like it or not, I have to be in charge even when I want to run and hide from my responsibilities. It means I must answer and console my own fears while still setting an example for my family.

This is especially challenging, when I struggle with deciphering what the facts are and am often overwhelmed by confusion. There is so much mis-information, conspiracy theories and so many more questions that my head physically hurts just trying to process it all. Are we walking on thin ice when it comes to our civil liberties? Is the risk relative to the response? And what is the price we are going to pay for a return to normalcy in our lives? Will it cost us a life time of slavery to rebuild our economies?

The internet is a buzz with all manner of arguments, protests, and theories as to who is responsible for this virus and consequent pandemic. What will the impact be long term on our society and economy? Where will we find the resources to bring back order to our world? When will we see the end of the virus and the global market crash?... The questions are endless and draining.

With my ADD way out of control, I decided that I need to take a break from the media programming (our current broadcasting is ‘stay home, stay safe’) and recenter my thoughts and my mind (meet me at bitchute, a free press site) so that I am recharged and ready for what comes next.

I don’t have it all figured out just yet choosing to accept the things that are not in my power takes constant mindfulness and detachment and letting go of fear and keep my own vibration high, and I am committed to being authentic and to adapt to change in an ever uncertain unfolding reality.

For now my job is to speak out about toxic shame and to raise human consciousness. Part of that is using my voice to call out injustices such as lies, and manipulations used to break our community and togetherness spirit and keep us small and weak through induced fear.

If you are tired of living in fear and uncertainty, do not hesitate to question everything that comes your way. Give your time and energy to people and messages that will empower you.

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