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Who is one of the UAE’s Most Successful Youth Influencers?

Sohaib Hasan

Sohaib has been named UAE’s most Successful Youth Influencer, but who is he influencing and why?

Sohaib has over a decade of HR Experience and is on a mission to help today's youth find fulfilling and sustainable employment within a variety of employment sectors.

He first came to the Sexy Brilliant radar when he was named one of our top 20 influencers of 2020.

What is so appealing about him?

As part of growing our own Sexy Brilliant Brand, we studied influencers to see how they were doing what they do. Although Sexy Brilliant is about living authentically and dispelling toxic shame that is only part of the equation, our ultimate goal is to empower people by creating a world that is inclusive, tolerant for all.

Sohaib caught our attention not only because he has over a million followers from around the globe but because his posts promote ideologies such as equal opportunities for women, international travel, and teamwork. It is our Sexy Brilliant opinion that Sohaib Hasan is all about empowering others.

When we asked him about achieving success, this is what he had to say:

“Success can have many definitions and perspectives which also depends and varies across individuals. One thing I personally believe in the most is "consistency". Whatever goals and dreams you are aspiring, when you remain consistent and are determined things will happen. No one is born with a slab of failure; people fail because they simply give up. Stay focused, make little goals and take tiny steps, and eventually you will succeed with the grace of Almighty.”

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1 commentaire

Devina Kaur
Devina Kaur
30 nov. 2021

Congrats Sohaib!

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