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Awards have powerfully changed the course of many people’s lives. Jon Watt spent six years in prison and regretted wasting his teenage years. During those years in jail, Jon started experimenting with cooking. After being released from prison, he continued cooking and developed a love for food. Being a chef became his chosen career, working his way up to eventually being a sous chef for Jamie Oliver. What happened then? He was nominated for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award in 2016 and he won it! That was the turning point in his life. He achieved fame, and everybody wanted to taste the sexy dishes cooked by him. It led to the opening of his own food outlet.

There are thousands of ordinary people like Jon Watt, who have experienced the exceptional impact an award adds to their lives. Online-branding was never more crucial than it is in the virtual world today. If you are a personal brand and you want to establish yourself as a market leader, want more business or social proof, then our Sexy Brilliant™ Award is the magical tool that you need.

The Sexy Brilliant Awards were established in 2019 to recognize and highlight the ingenuity of everyday inspirational leaders in their community. Sexy Brilliant™ is a registered non-profit foundation that aims to remove toxic shame and create a better world with more joy and happiness.

Our awards set out to celebrate the initiatives of individuals, businesses, and organisations by recognizing the diversity of our community. Awards are a digital marketing tool when it comes to building an extraordinary personal brand. An award-winning status makes you credible to your targeted audiences. Yes, awards are a powerful and effective way of influencing people and this is exactly what personal brands aim to achieve.

Advantages from our award nominations and/or winning our award:

  • Your Visibility Improves: When you are nominated for the awards, it allows for better search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO. Your name becomes known to others.

  • You are Ceremonious: Once you are nominated for an award, you become credible. Nominations for an award are equivalent to putting a seal of ‘tried, tested and trusted’ on your work, business, and services.

  • You are Unique: An award can differentiate you and make you stand out from the crowd and fellow competitors.

  • You get Free Advertising: For any awards, media coverage is present, especially social media coverage. Thus awards provide publicity to your brand. People will trust your brand when someone else recommends it, and thus it acts as a testimonial.

  • You get Featured on our Website: In addition, we will be sharing your nominations on all our social media as well as send you exclusive invites for our upcoming awards gala!

Now, what are you waiting for?

Nominate someone today that you believe is deserving of the Sexy Brilliant™ Award!



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