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Stephanie Lariviere  ( Oct 30th. 2019  @ 10:36 am  )


Everything I have learned from May until now since I began my journey to my divine authentic self can be summed up in this old post I wrote - I'd like to encourage anyone who's searching for their purpose to check out the courses at the Sexy Brilliant Academy  -  It's never too late to be 100% you. 

I am finally following my dreams and actively pursuing the things in life that reconnect me to myself.  -I am living proof that you can be successful in your career and still make time to do what you truly love.  So dance, write, sing, paint, and above all else DARE TO DREAM! 

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Kirsten Smith  ( Jan 14th. 2020  @ 11:14 pm  )


Devina thank you so much.  I am a big girl and very shy.  I've had a hard time meeting guys.  I felt like people are always staring at me. I felt like a loser for being single. Before the Power of Being Single I was a workaholic and avoided putting myself out there.  That's all changed. Now I have a super enjoyable social life, I've been on some great dates. I've stopped deciding for others how they should feel about me.  My eyes are opened now, I won't be wasting anymore time on condemning myself or others anymore.  Thanks for helping me find my Sexy.  


Jordan Bailey  ( Nov 19th. 2019  @ 12:45 pm  )


Money, Money, Money.  I never had enough, I never felt secure and I really struggled with keeping it.  With the holidays coming the pressure was getting to me.  I am so sick of the cycle of stress, insecurity and shame of feeling like I am on a hamster wheel.  


Because you are single mother like me  I decided to take your course (out of desperation).  It was not at all what I expected. I think I was looking for some secret get rich quick solution.  What I got was a mind shift.  In 4 weeks I have worked on changing my perspectives about money and I am really seeing the results in all areas of my life.   I highly recommend this program. 

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