Nominees will have a chance to win a `Sexy Brilliant Surprise Box.` 

What does it mean to be a Sexy Brilliant Award Winner?

Do you know someone who is passionate about their purpose, is unapologetically authentic and does their part to build their communities and show up in true leadership?

If so, please nominate that person for the Sexy Brilliant™ Award.

Everyday, the team at Sexy Brilliant™ celebrates a nominee who is a true authentic leader. 

Our process is simple: You nominate, we investigate and make sure to verify their credentials, do the due diligence and celebrate your wins and recommendations. 

We will post their picture on ALL our social media including LinkedIn and our non profit foundation accounts. All Nominees will be invited to attend a Gala where many nominees will have an opportunity to speak about their passion project. Let's work together to bring more brilliance to the world!

In addition, as the person NOMINATING other leaders in your community, we honour YOU and your time and effort. Every month we will be recognising one of YOU and rewarding YOU with a chance to win in the monthly draw to receive a Sexy Brilliant Gift Card which can be used towards our books, gala, or any of our merchandise available at our online store.

Be sure to visit and sign up to be a part of the community. It's absolutely FREE. All winners will be announced via our newsletters.

You can also nominate yourself for the Sexy Brilliant awards! Please subscribe to our email list to know more about self-nominations.