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Who Needs a Bra? Not When You’re #SexyBrilliant Anyway

By devina kaur (intentional lowercase)

Whatever size breasts we have, we see them through society’s eyes. We can’t even say the word “breasts” opting for the more acceptable “boobs”. I’m so done with this.

Born and raised in India, at 21, I moved to Canada where I finished university. My Punjabi upbringing, replete with expectations of what a woman should be, clashed with my personal values. I remember my conservative Punjabi mother who scolded me when I chose to nurse my daughter for more than the acceptable three months.

To support her argument, she warned of unsightly sagging breasts – as if other people’s opinions were that important. She did what so many other mothers do; she passed on her own conditioning and upbringing. I admit she tried her best to instill the values of a ‘good Indian woman’. I just couldn’t relate to her logic.

After my university studies, I worked in the corporate world where a bra was the accepted dress code. Not that I liked it. After work, I couldn’t wait to get home to feel free to be me.

Wearing a bra is unnatural, yet we women are frowned upon for being free in our body, our spirit and our thinking. I ask you why? Why?

Do I ever wear a bra? Yes. On occasion, I wear a bra when I am on Hollywood Television or at a Canadian event because big saggy breasts tend to get a lot of attention. A bra gives much appreciated support in active sports like martial arts or running. Face it: who wants flabby jiggly breasts getting in the way of the game?

Simply put, it all depends on the clothes we wear and how we feel about our body. Yes, some bodies are fat, but the body is a divine gift so choose to see yourself as the beautiful #SexyBrilliant being you are rather than a fat woman with sagging boobs.

After years of experimenting with going bra-free, this is what I’ve learnt about breasts and bras:

  • It’s pointless to fight ageing and gravity. Saggy breasts are easily disguised with a well-designed, properly fitted bra – unless you are like me and have no problems going au naturel!

  • Wear a bra for contact sports if you want to feel better. Then again, you are free to do as you wish.

  • Do yoga without a bra. I like my swinging breasts!

  • About breast reduction and/or uplift, I say, well, whatever makes you happy. Choose to love and accept every #SexyBrilliant part of you. Approval not necessary!

Ladies, it’s time to applaud the Goddess that resides within each of you. Listen to your inner divinity. Remember the power of change is within us. All we have to do is change our mindset. How about a bra-free world, then?

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Devina Kaur is the founder of The Sexy Brilliant Revolution. A fun-loving straight-talker and mother of an eight-year-old, she’s a North America-based author, entrepreneur and media personality. Follow her work on, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Snapchat @sexybrilliant.Save

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