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Celebrating Diversity: Announcing the Sexy Brilliant Awards

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

I struggled with validation, depression, and even contemplated suicide. It took a lot of self-work to learn my gifts and an extraordinary amount of radical self-acceptance to feel confident enough to share them with the world!

We often hear that the only validation we need is inner validation. While I know this is true, I also know that the path to inner wealth has guide markers filled with words of wisdom and encouragement that have been gifted to us by others along the way.

I was reminded recently of how important it is to feel supported by others when I was nominated for a few online recognition awards including Global Goodwill and LinkedIn Wonder Woman. I loved the idea of supporting others and began nominating people in my life who I knew embodied the sentiment of these awards. In doing so I observed that people really appreciate it when the good they do is recognized by others.

Feeling encouraged and inspired by this process I took a leap of faith and began executing an idea that me and my team have been contemplating for a long time. I have always wanted to create my own award that would reward people for being Sexy Brilliant™️ role models in the community.

Here at SexyBrilliant™️ we are passionate about paying it forward! My gifts include communication, and empowering others so creating an award that encourages everyone to recognize people who have a positive impact in their community is a natural fit. Encouraging people to honor their gifts and share them with others is an important part of the Sexy Brilliant™️ global revolution. We are so excited to announce something that has been a long time in the making:

The Sexy Brilliant™️ Award!

The Sexy Brilliant Award is all about empowerment! The award is designed to empower people of all genders by recognizing and celebrating our diversities. Everyone is eligible to be nominated for and win the Sexy Brilliant Award: woman, man, trans, non-binary, two-spirited, gay, straight, old, young, fat, thin, or muscular. It does not matter who you are, it matters how you act.

Deserving people are worthy of recognition. Therefore, me and my team have to create an award that recognizes all of the amazing people making a difference. There is enough sunshine for all of us! By coming together as the Sexy Brilliant community we can ensure that everyone gets a little brilliance in their lives. As Saint Francis of Azizi says ‘... it is in giving that we receive.’ I know you will enjoy giving gratitude to the people who have helped you in your journey!

To nominate someone you believe is deserving of the Sexy Brilliant™️ Award fill out the nomination form here:

We are in the midst of confirming corporate sponsorship! We will be hosting the Sexy Brilliant™️ Award Gala in 2020! Stay tuned for additional announcements!

Kindly share this post so that we can ensure that everyone who is deserving is recognized! We encourage you to tag your family, friends, and colleagues and get everyone involved in the movement of giving back! Use #SexyBrilliantAwards when sharing on social media!

Much love always,

Devina Kaur™️

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