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Never Feel Alone Again!

How often are you putting off you today or tomorrow? 

Not booking that trip or buying your dream house because you are waiting for that ever elusive "perfect" moment. Maybe you are single and afraid to explore as a solo person. Whatever your reasons for delaying grabbing on to your dreams and making them come true I am here to tell you GO! Stop waiting! 

Every breath you take is precious and you owe it to yourself to breathe deeply and live passionately.

I spent the holidays in Cuba ... solo and not alone; I am never alone in my own company. As I took in the culture and the natural beauty of the island I reveled in the happiness that is my life. 

It was not that long ago that I was focused on finding my perfect match and putting off trips like these. At the time I did not realize how I was delaying living my life to the fullest because I thought I was only entitled to half a life as a single person. My search led me to over 150 dates through online services including craigslist that became a full-blown dating addiction. 

Unhappy ... depressed ... battling suicidal thoughts I knew I needed to make a change. That change has led me to the absolute knowledge that being single is a gift. Being alive is an even bigger gift. Not living life to the fullest ... not living for right now ... today, means we are taking life for granted.

Speaking of taking life for granted if you are still on the fence regarding embracing life and doing all those things you are waiting for, I would like to share a story with you about a beautiful couple that I met in Cuba. Wayne and Gayle have been married for over 50 years. They suffered the most tragic loss a person can ever suffer ...

Are you honoring yourself and the preciousness of life? This is a question I began to ask myself when I was burdening myself with thoughts of self-doubt ... when I was looking for love and affirmation outside of myself. When I began my journey to self-love and filled my soul by honoring myself and my authentic wishes I found my inner power; it was not without struggle. It is because of the struggles that I have been through that I call myself a single expert and have created a unique master class to help others. A road map to healing, self-love, and most importantly empowerment.

Join me and embrace living in love with yourself through "The Power of Being Single."

"The Power of Being Single," is designed to help you embrace the freedom that comes from releasing yourself from labels and societal expectations. Please join me by subscribing today. It is time to take your power out of the hands of outside sources, speak to yourself in the way you deserve, and focus on the limitless power that comes from being ONE.

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