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Introducing the Sexy Brilliant™️ Empowerment Cards

Are you feeling a little low lately?

Me too!

You know what?

That is okay.

No matter who we are we all go through periods where we feel less than our best.

Feeling happy, confident, and sexy every single moment of the day takes a lot of mindfulness. Without lows, we could never appreciate the highs. Everything in life is cyclical, including emotions, and emotions are never right or wrong they simply exist.

When I need a spiritual pick me up I turn inward and reflect on what has been happening in my life, and why I have the feelings, and how I can practice detachment, and move forward in my journey.

When I first discovered my life purpose in Sexy Brilliant™️ I was going through a very difficult time. I was severely depressed, even suicidal. I spent a lot of time working with professionals to better understand the reason for my darkness. I took solace in writing down my thoughts as releasing them into the universe brought me clarity. I recently wrote about my experience with depression - you can read more here > Depression is a Gift!

When I shared this with others I was often advised I should write a book. For someone who struggles with learning disabilities and who speaks English as a second language, writing did not come naturally to me. I felt confident writing down my thoughts and even pearls of wisdom that were imparted to me however, writing a full-fledged novel felt daunting.

When I initially began collecting all of these thoughts into one place I presumed they might end up becoming a short book of self-love prompts. As I continued working on them I ended up writing that novel everyone told me I should be - I guess you could call me an accidental author. My first book Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious will be released in early 2020!

My self-love prompts ended up taking a backseat to other projects. I recently came back to these prompts and knew instantly that they were meant to be made into empowerment cards that people could use to help inform them on their personal growth journey.

We are so excited to launch the Sexy Brilliant™️ Empowerment Cards.

The cards are designed using the exclusive K-A-U-R™️ method of self-discovery Knowing, Accepting, Unveiling, and Releasing. Their unique design will help you on your self-love journey to becoming Sexy Brilliant™️ and gaining confidence from the inside out.

We often need a little assistance getting in touch with our emotions. Sexy Brilliant™️ is here to help you with that process.

You can find the cards here.

Much love always,

Devina Kaur™️

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