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Top 3 Tips To Move From Relationship Bankruptcy To Your Full Spiritual Power

Lately I have been feeling extremely lost, empty, and close to reaching bankruptcy where my feminine side is concerned. My desire to survive the startup world with the SEXY BRILLIANTnon profit foundation has been so strong that although I have honoured my ambitious side but in the process I’ve forgotten to nurture my feminine side, including the ability to receive relationship love.

Are you familiar with your feminine side? The human body has been described as night and day, having light within but also having a dark side. This is not to say that one is better than the other. In fact this can also be referred to as the sacred masculine and the divine feminine. In the study of yoga, this is known as the ida and the pingala nadis.

Emotion is the driving factor of the divine feminine. However, in our current culture & programming, the divine feminine is ridiculed under patriarchy, ambition, and even the desire to have a relationship or to not.

How do I know this? I am a recovering love addict & have worked through my issues of self-hate. You can read a sample chapter for FREE in my 1st book titled, Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious.

Our divine feminine energies offer tenderness, wisdom, patience, flexibility. The underlying principle of the divine feminine is CARE. When the feminine power is out of balance (as mine seems to be at the moment), the divine feminine energy struggles to receive love or even self-love.

Have you struggled to receive relationship love?

Perhaps you have been in a relationship with someone who did not appreciate your love?

For an eternity, it has been a man's world where men have dictated the rules and standards for everyone throughout history. In order to fit in, we women chose to mimic men, prove our worth to ourselves & others and then press on with not only trying to honour our feminine side but taking on a dual role of the sacred masculine.

To come back to this wholeness, the counterpart of the divine feminine, is the sacred masculine & it’s overarching principle is all about being loyal, courageous, providing security and protection. The out of balance masculine energy is about anger, ego, dominance, false pride, ruthlessness and manipulation of the feminine power.

We live in a world which is drugged up and dumbed down & most of us are in this constant cycle which seems to have no way out to exit this matrix, and if Covid's self-isolation is teaching us anything it's that escapism is just not possible.

So my desire to survive the over excessive world where we are constantly measured by our material success has left me empty on the inside. But, life is all about finding the equilibrium, and just because I have neglected one part of me doesn’t mean that I can’t recover it; I have the power to change it & the same goes for you.

It is never too late to accept all parts of yourself & heal your way to a better you.

How can we find our feminine side and heal and be ready to receive love?

  1. Self-awareness is the first step towards a deeper spiritual experience. Know what it is that you feel is lacking. Feel every feeling, let it pass through you without fear or judgement.

  2. No part of you is your own enemy including the emotional side, the sensual side, the ego side, the wanting a relationship side. Radical self-acceptance will help you restore the imbalance.

  3. Recognize that you have the power to make the changes that you need to reclaim the unique parts of you that make you the Sexy Brilliant star you have always been.

Our journey as a human being is about the sacred union between the divine feminine & the sacred masculine. The complementary principles are to live in awareness, practice acceptance, and to forgive both ourselves & others.

Remember, both the Moon & the Sun are part of the same whole, and they both shine when it's their time.

Much love always,


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